Upcoming Conferences

Announcing our upcoming free conferences, to be held at the Hughes Library in Stroudsburg, Pennsylvania:

The Liars Club Workshop (September 23, 2017):  As our annual conference evolves and becomes geared toward the more experienced writer, we felt that it would be appropriate to have a workshop geared toward the starting writer. Members of the Liars Club will hold smaller group sessions to go over specific issues geared toward those who have not yet been published, with plenty of question-and-answer sessions.  More details will be forthcoming, but place this on your calendar now!

The 5th Pocono Writers Conference (January 20, 2018): We are working on obtaining our speakers for this event and will announce them shortly. As usual, the conference will be free but you will also be able to sign up for inexpensive critique sessions with our panelists. Details will be coming, but make sure you keep that weekend open.

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Pictures from the 2017 Writers Conference

…and here’s a link to a very nice review of the Conference!

Click on a picture to enlarge it

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Block and Strike

Pocono writer Kelly Jensen‘s latest book has just been released!  Block and Strike is from Dreamspinner Press and is available in paperback or kindle.bscover600

Jacob Kendricks is three months out of prison, estranged from his daughter, and ready to get his life on track. Taking care of the bum curled up on his doorstep isn’t part of the plan. When he realizes the man has been assaulted, Jake takes him to the hospital, where he learns that Max is his downstairs neighbor… and that he could really use a friend. Keeping Max in the friend-zone would be easier if he wasn’t so damned cute.

Maxwell Wilson has been bullied for years and the only person who ever cared lives too far away to come to his rescue. Now his upstairs neighbor is offering support. Max remains cautious, suspecting he is little more than a project for the handsome Jake. When he learns Jake has had boyfriends as well as girlfriends, Max has to reevaluate his priorities—and muster the courage to take a chance at love.

Just when a happy future is within their grasp, life knocks them back down. A devastating blow leaves Max lower than ever and Jake wrestling with regret. They both have to find the strength to stand on their own before they can stand together.

For more details, visit Kelly’s website.

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A Bard Act to Follow

Pocono writer Michael A. Ventrella‘s fourth collection of short stories that take place in the magical world of Fortannis (the setting for his fantasy novels) has just been released:  A Bard Act to Follow, from Double Dragon books. Pocono writer Derek Beebe also has a story in the collection.

“Michael Ventrella’s Fortannis setting has produced a lot of fine fantasy fiction, and the fourth collection maintains a high level of quality throughout,” says Ryk Spoor, author of the Balanced Swords trilogy.abardacttofollow-510

“Some of the stories are simply amusing (Curso and the Wizard’s Apprentice), some tragic (The Consistency of Small Minds), and others heartwarming (The Mutiny of Broken Things and Ventrella’s own Remembering the Future). Our protagonists range from courageous knights and cynical adventurers to an absolutely chilling, self-justifying sociopath. Taken together, they give us a picture of a living, immense world which can cover the span of human (and biata, dwarf, elf, ogre, and goblin…) endeavor and passion.

“A Bard Act to Follow does not merely continue the fine tradition of Fortannis; it elevates the written world to the next level, and indeed, as the title plays upon, will be a hard act to follow!”

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Nine Lives

Congrats to Pocono Author Geoffrey Mehl on his latest book, Nine Lives!ninelives375

The adventures of Tommy Kane and Mandy Owens continue in Nine Lives, the sequel to Stray Cats. A trail of murder unravels a stunning conspiracy with the global economy hanging in the balance.

He’s a southern rascal with a ton of money. She’s a classy New Englander who knows how to use it. He’s into troubleshooting. She’s into social justice. Their crew: street-wise misfits who can’t stand each other. It adds up to high style, huge stakes and lots of sizzle.


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It’s a Wonderful Death

Congratulations to Pocono Writer Derek Beebe for his first novel It’s a Wonderful Death, from Double Dragon Publishing!itsawonderfuldeath-510

“Simultaneously epic and hilarious, It’s a Wonderful Death tells a fast-paced story with a ton of heart. It focuses on a handful of characters and really makes you fall in love with them. Nevertheless, Beebe isn’t afraid to ramp up the action to 11 and deliver massive fantasy set-pieces. Even though the book deals with some very dark subject matter at times, the tone was kept light by clever dialogue and moments of real levity. It never quite becomes a straight up comedy or farce but instead deftly toes the line, and in the end is an enjoyable epic fantasy story.” – Zachary Didur, Random Chatter magazine

It’s available in paperback, ebook, kindle, ibook, and nook.

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The 4th Pocono Writers Conference

You can now sign up for the 2017 Pocono Writers Conference. Details and tickets are here.  2017-conference-page-001

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